Marine Safety Consultants is staffed with experienced personnel who are highly qualified in many areas and disciplines relating to the maritime industry. As a result, we can provide training of personnel by recognized experts in matters of navigation, seamanship and workplace safety to enhance safe maritime operations.

  • Fishing Vessel drill conductor and safety training for compliance with the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Act and Coast Guard regulations
  • Survival suit care, selection and use (FPSS)
  • Abandoning ship, entering a raft (FPSS)
  • Firefighting training (FPSS)
  • Mayday call training (FPSS)
  • Response Plan Qualified individual for vessel, facility and truck response plans
  • Company/Vessel Security officer training for vessels and facilities
  • Pollution response training for response plan holders
  • Pollution prevention training
  • Safety and Occupational Health training (confined space, forklift, etc.)
  • Man Overboard (MOB) Training
  • Towing Vessel Record (TVR) Keeping training to 46 CFR requirements
survival suits