Commercial Vessels

Including fishing vessels, towing vessels,  passenger vessels, barges, recreational vessels and others.

• Hull and Machinery Surveys

• Suitability for Service

• On/Off Hire

• Trip in Tow

• Appraisal Surveys

• Ultra-sonic Gauging

• Loading and Lashing

• Warranty Surveys

Recreational Vessels

• Insurance

• Damage

• Wooden Boat Specialists

Marine Safety Consultants specializes in conducting Condition and Valuation surveys for a diverse range of vessels, both commercial and recreational. These surveys are essential for various stakeholders, including vessel owners, potential buyers, financial institutions, and insurance underwriters. The primary goal is to assess the current state of the vessel, its value, and provide recommendations for its optimal maintenance and operation.

Key Components of the Surveys

Types of Vessels Surveyed

Boat at dry dock

Commercial Vessels

This category includes fishing vessels, towing vessels, passenger vessels, barges, and more. Given the commercial nature, these vessels often require rigorous checks to ensure they meet industry standards and regulations.


Recreational Vessels

These are vessels used for personal or leisure purposes. While they might not be subjected to the same level of wear and tear as commercial vessels, ensuring their safety and performance is equally crucial.

Specific Survey Services Offered