Marine Safety Consultants' Consulting services stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the maritime sector.

With the maritime landscape constantly evolving, our consulting services are designed to offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by vessel owners, lenders, managers, and underwriters. From overseeing new build projects to ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, our team of seasoned experts brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience.

We understand the intricacies of maritime operations, from the technical nuances of machinery installations to the strategic planning required for emergency response management. Our consulting approach is collaborative, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the insights and strategies they need to navigate the complexities of the maritime world with confidence and foresight.

• Pollution Protection contingency planning and operations manuals for transfer facilities and product vessels; Facility Response Plans (FRP); Vessel Response Plans; marine transportation related FRP’s

• Safety Management Systems for the maritime workplace, from job-specific evaluations to oversight of practices; SMS auditing services.

• Third-Party Claims Management resulting from oil spills and maritime catastrophes.

• Sub Chapter-M compliance inspections, training and seminars

• Security Plans for compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002

New Build & Machinery Oversight


Expert Supervision

We provide meticulous oversight for new build projects, ensuring that vessels are constructed to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


Machinery Installation

Our team supervises machinery installations, ensuring that equipment is integrated seamlessly and functions optimally.

Crisis and Emergency Response Management


Proactive Planning

We assist maritime entities in developing robust emergency response strategies, ensuring swift and effective action during crises.


Recovery Phase Guidance

From the initial response to recovery efforts, we guide clients every step of the way, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a return to normalcy.

Waterfront Facilities Evaluation


Structural Assessments

Our experts evaluate the structural integrity and operational efficiency of waterfront facilities, identifying areas for improvement.


Repair Recommendations

We provide actionable insights for facility repairs and upgrades, ensuring longevity and safety.

Best Practices & Compliance


Industry Standards

We guide clients in adopting best practices that align with industry standards, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.


Regulatory Adherence

From Sub Chapter-M compliance inspections to MTSA of 2002, we ensure that maritime operations remain compliant with all relevant regulations.

Pollution Protection & Environmental Stewardship



We assist in the development of pollution protection strategies, ensuring that maritime operations minimize their environmental footprint.


Operational Manuals

Our team crafts detailed operational manuals for transfer facilities and product vessels, ensuring environmentally responsible operations.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)


Customized Solutions

Recognizing the unique challenges of each maritime entity, we develop tailored SMS solutions that address specific needs.


Auditing Services

Regular audits ensure that safety management systems are up-to-date and effective in mitigating risks.

Third-Party Claims Management


Expert Handling

In the aftermath of maritime incidents, we provide third-party claims management, ensuring that claims are handled efficiently and fairly.


Oil Spill & Catastrophes

Specialized expertise in managing claims resulting from oil spills and maritime catastrophes.

Security Plans & Compliance


Robust Strategies

We develop comprehensive security plans that align with the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, ensuring that maritime operations are safeguarded against potential threats.


Regular Updates

As security challenges evolve, we ensure that security plans remain current and effective.


Maritime consulting is more than just offering advice—it's about providing actionable solutions that drive success. Marine Safety Consultants stands at the forefront of maritime consulting, offering expertise, insights, and a commitment to excellence that ensures clients navigate the maritime world with confidence.