Marine Casualty Investigations

Marine Safety Consultants specializes in comprehensive marine casualty investigations, addressing the complexities of maritime incidents. Our seasoned experts meticulously analyze events such as hull damage, collisions, and pollution incidents. Using advanced methodologies, we not only identify the root causes but also assess damages and project repair estimates. Our goal is to provide clients with a holistic understanding of each incident, coupled with actionable recommendations to enhance future maritime safety and operations. In a world where maritime activities are crucial, our investigations play a pivotal role in ensuring operational integrity and safety.

Beyond the immediate investigations, Marine Safety Consultants is committed to fostering a safer maritime environment. Our insights have been instrumental in shaping best practices and preventive measures across the industry. By partnering with stakeholders, from vessel operators to insurance providers, we aim to reduce the frequency and impact of marine casualties, ensuring smoother and safer voyages for all involved.

Types of Marine Casualties Investigated

Investigation Process


Accident Reconstruction

Using advanced tools and methodologies, we recreate the sequence of events leading to the incident, providing a clear understanding of the cause and contributing factors.


Bodily Injury Investigations

Our team conducts thorough investigations into injuries sustained during maritime incidents, ensuring that all medical and procedural aspects are considered.


Liability Claims

We assess potential liabilities arising from maritime incidents, providing clients with a clear understanding of their legal standing.


Property Damage Assessments

From minor damages to significant losses, we evaluate the extent of property damage, offering accurate repair or replacement estimates.


Response to Pollution and Salvage

In the event of environmental threats or the need for salvage operations, our team is equipped to respond swiftly, ensuring minimal impact and maximum recovery.

Outcome and Reporting

At the conclusion of each investigation, clients receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings. This includes determinations of cause, assessments of damages, projected repair estimates, and/or replacement costs. Additionally, we provide actionable recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future, ensuring the continued safety and efficiency of maritime operations.