Marine Safety Consultants is staffed with experienced personnel who are highly qualified in many areas and disciplines relating to the maritime industry. As a result, we can provide consulting services in many diverse areas.


  • Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture for vessel construction, re-fit and machinery installations
  • Expert Witnesses to provide testimony in matters relating to vessel operation and accident or casualty evaluations
  • Crisis and Emergency Response Management services provided to owners, managers and underwriters throughout the maritime industry from initial response through the recovery phase efforts
  • Waterfront facilities construction and repair evaluations.
  • Pollution Protection contingency planning and operations manuals for transfer facilities and product vessels; Facility Response Plans (FRP); Vessel Response Plans; marine transportation related FRP’s
  • Safety Management Systems for the maritime workplace, from job-specific evaluations to oversight of practices; SMS auditing services.
  • Third Party Claims Management resulting from oil spills and maritime catastrophes.
  • Sub Chapter-M compliance inspections, training and seminars
  • Security Plans for compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002

Regulatory Compliance

  • Vessel and Facility Response Plan and development / management service.
  • Vessel and Facility Security Plan development / management service.
  • Subchapter M Safety Management System (SMS) development

                   SMS audits in conjunction with recognized Third-Party Organization

                   Health / Safety / Environmental Plan (HSE) development

                   HSE audits and management

  • Towing Vessel: Inspection compliance for EPA vessel general Permits

Safety and Compliance

  • OSHA/IMCA/ IMO inspections
  • On site risk assessments
  • Safety training to standards

Environmental Compliance

  • Emergency Response Plans and Response Management
  • Clean Bilge Oil / Development & Training
  • Qualified Individual Training Services
  • Emergency Spill Response Management
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