Crew Claims And Medical Auditing

With over 35 years in the maritime sector, Marine Safety Consultants, Inc. is a leader in crew claims and medical auditing. Our collaboration with Maritime Claims Associates, LLC ensures meticulous management of crew and passenger injury claims. We specialize in handling P&I claims, particularly those under the Jones Act and Longshoremen & Harbor Worker’s claims. Additionally, our expertise in medical bill cost containment ensures fair medical charges for our clients, making us a trusted partner for major passenger and fishing fleets.

Our dedicated team at Marine Safety Consultants, Inc. is equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of the maritime medical landscape. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide timely and comprehensive reports, which include in-depth site investigations, witness statements, and recommended actions. By leveraging our longstanding relationships with medical providers, we ensure that injured crew and passengers receive the best care while also securing cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our commitment to excellence and transparency has solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in the maritime industry.

Medical Bill Cost Containment

Maritime Claims Associates offers in-house cost containment services for medical bill exposure related to Jones Act injuries. We help our clients navigate the complicated medical payment process by advocating on their behalf through bill review and direct negotiation with medical providers.

Our specialists have been auditing Jones Act medical bills for many years. Reductions are realized through an analysis of billed charges in relation to benchmark information such as past payments, state fee schedules, and national Medicare rates. We have a deep understanding of the fair and reasonable payment range for medical services associated with maritime accidents, including emergency care, hospital stays, physician exams, MRI’s, surgeries and rehab services. Where possible, price reductions are secured via signed agreements with doctors and hospitals. Relationships with providers serve as a vital foundation for making pricing agreements, while also allowing for the best care possible to help the injured employee reach maximum cure.

Cost containment services are provided for a fee that is based on the savings realized. Our fees are lower than the larger auditing firms, and in many instances the bill reductions themselves are deeper.

Several of the large passenger fleets and a growing number of offshore fishing fleets rely on us to review all their medical claims for cost savings potential. In some instances, without having to file an insurance claim, therefore helping to reduce their policy claims experience.

Crew Injury Investigations



Maritime Claims Associates, LLC specializes in conducting meticulous investigations into personal injury claims, encompassing both passengers and crew members.



Our approach includes site investigations, gathering crew and witness statements, assessing the cause and nature of the injury, and recommending subsequent actions. This ensures that all claims are validated and addressed appropriately.


Jones Act and Longshoremen & Harbor Worker’s Claims



Our team is adept at managing claims under the Jones Act and Longshoremen & Harbor Worker’s regulations. From initial statements to final release, we provide end-to-end support.


Maintenance and Cure

Upon request, we assist in the disbursement of Maintenance and Cure, ensuring that injured seafarers receive the necessary financial support during their recovery.

Medical Bill Cost Containment



Maritime Claims Associates aims to alleviate the financial burden of medical bills related to Jones Act injuries. We advocate for our clients, ensuring they aren't overcharged.



Our specialists conduct thorough audits of medical bills, comparing billed charges against benchmark data such as past payments, state fee schedules, and national Medicare rates. This rigorous analysis ensures that clients pay fair and reasonable amounts.


Provider Relations

We maintain strong relationships with medical providers, enabling us to negotiate effectively and secure price reductions. This not only results in cost savings but also ensures the best possible care for injured employees.

Cost Containment Services


Fee Structure

Our cost containment services are provided based on the savings realized. We pride ourselves on offering competitive fees, often lower than larger auditing firms, while achieving deeper bill reductions.



Several large passenger fleets and an increasing number of offshore fishing fleets trust us to review their medical claims, often leading to significant cost savings without the need to file insurance claims.

Outcome and Reporting

Clients receive timely and detailed reports on all investigations and audits. These reports provide insights into the cause and nature of injuries, recommended actions, and potential cost savings. Our commitment is to ensure transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in every claim handled.