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audio gauge markingsMarine Safety Consultants conducts Condition and Valuation surveys of commercial and recreational vessels on behalf of owners, buyers, lending/financial institutions, and insurance underwriters. Vessel categories include yachts, fishing vessels, freight vessels, passenger vessels, towing vessels, barges and others. These surveys include evaluations of hull structure, propulsion and auxiliary systems, firefighting and lifesaving systems, and monetary valuations or appraisals. All findings, together with recommendations designed to enhance maintenance and operation, are presented in clear, concise written reports.


tug towing ship

Marine Safety Consultants performs Trip in Tow surveys of loadline barges to determine suitability of the tug and tow to ensure the success of the voyage, and to protect the interests of the parties involved. These surveys include inspection of the tug equipment and the various methods used to ensure the equipment/cargo is secured properly for the tow. The survey includes developing a Trip in Tow plan. 

man hole into bargeMarine Safety Consultants inspects vessels to ascertain the condition of the vessel at the time of the commencement of the charter, thereby assisting in determining the extent of reimbursement, if any, for which the charterer may be liable on the discharge of the vessel from service, and thus prevent future unwarranted claims. Our reports indicate, as far as practical, the general condition of the vessel and note any existing defects at the time of the survey, so that these will not be confused with damage which may occur during the charter period. Evidence of previous temporary repair, missing, or broken parts, indentations, etc. are noted.

oranges cargo damageMarine Safety Consultants  investigates cargo losses, and oversees the process of handling damaged cargo. This can involve monitoring the process, disposal of wastage and generally protecting the interest of the party we represent.

  • Condition and Value

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • Bodily Injury Investigations

  • Collision Investigation

  • On/Off Hire

  • Trip in Tow

  • Pollution

  • Risk Survey/Assessment

  • Crane Damage

  • Dock Damage

  • Heavy Weather

  • Bulk Cargo

  • Salvage (Oversee/Organize)

  • Container (Dry Cargo)

  • Container (Reefer Cargo)

  • Petroleum

  • Preload Hold Condition

Immediate On-site Assessment

Marine Safety Consultants provides immediate on-site assessment and analysis of weather-related catastrophes, major fires, pollution catastrophes and third-party claims management and adjustment.
Our catastrophe team is always at the ready!

Risk Assessment

risk assessmentMarine Safety Consultants provides marine risk assessment for piers, wharfs, docks and other marine applications where safety and reduction of claims exposure are important.

Assessments include overall condition, confirmation of recent structural surveys, pier maintenance, surfaces, fender systems, bollards and review of draft datums.

In-depth Investigations into Marine Casualties​

pier fireMarine Safety Consultants conducts in-depth investigations into marine casualties, such as hull or machinery loss or damage, collisions, cargo damage claims, pollution incidents, and facility/pier damage. Results of these investigations are provided to clients, and include determinations of cause, assessment of damages, projected repair estimates and/or replacement costs, both present and future and recommendations for prevention of similar casualties. 

Maritime Workplace Inspections​

Marine Safety Consultants provides maritime workplace inspections and determination of compliance with recognized safety regulations and/or industry standards.

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